Annotation of the book «Psychology of Stress. Psychological Anthropology of Stress» Kitaev-Smyk L.A. Psychology of Stress. Psychological Anthropology of Stress.

The study covers individual aspects of living under stress for a long while and reactions to stress situations which are short and sudden, like a sharp blow to the body. The author introduces the general pattern of changes in emotions, perception, memory, thinking, performance and communication which occur in extreme situations. You will also find the results of studies on «life stress» and «death stress». The book reveals numerous studies conducted by the author: on the stress of creativity and inspiration;

on pleasures and horrors of authority; on escaping the pressure of cruelty or perishing under it; on the stresses of war — under the bullets of the enemy, and posttraumatic diseases of veterans; on long-term stress in the training of crews for the mission to Mars and many others. Somatic and mental diseases, and their prevention, are reviewed in a comprehensible way. You will also find an analysis of the psychological factors which help us to normalize stress, representing natural results from our dynamic and complex life. Furthermore, this book reveals the best ways and techniques for restoring and maintaining health in stressful situations.

This book from the leading Russian expert on stress is written for those who live under stress, fighting it or using it: politicians and psychologists; doctors and sociologists; enforcement agencies; students and professionals; even philosophers. We hope that the encyclopedic nature of this book won’t scare you away as each reader will find something relevant for him or her.

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